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Fire Exit and Single Yellow Lines


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We live in a shop with flat above, at the back of our property we have two fire exits, one for the shop and one for our flat. Directly opposite us with only a narrow lane between us is a busy car wash. The car wash needs to utilise the space outside our home and also other businesses. There is a yellow line in front of of all exits. They can not function without using this facility and the parking enforcement are allowing them to park. Sometimes our exits have cars in front of them most of the day. I have contacted the local fire safety officer and she says it is a parking problem. Please could you give me advice on this issue, how can we keep our exits clear.? We are making ourselves very unpopular trying to attempt this and have been mocked about it by members of the council and car wash fans. Should be continue to be proactive or should we just give up?  All those in official positions do not appear to think it is an issue, I have collected photographic evidence and submitted it to all and the response is I am conducting a vendetta. Any advice welcome.

Just to mention, we already have fire exit keep clear signs, our door opens inwards, our shop is a coffee shop but only a few may need to use our back exit. Cars often park up on pavement almost flush with our door, they need to because lane is narrow, I have sent photos to fire safety officer but she has not commented on whether proximity is a fire hazard despite my request. Also fire engines would have a problem traveling down the lane due to parked cars and no one seems overly concerned about this either. We are situated in a town centre and busy restaurants back on to the lane.

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I can understand your your frustration but it is a constant problem in many places and very rarely is there a solution. If you solve the problem today it's bound to return the following day but it is important to have written proof that you have done all you can to resolve the problem, in case things go pear shaped in the future.

I wish I could give you some positive advice but other than placing things like cones outside the doors and keep on badgering the council and the fire and rescue service, making sure you get written responses from them, there is not much more I can say.

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