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Please help me!

Guest lynneklynch@gmail

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Guest lynneklynch@gmail

Last night, coming home from our daughters memorial, we came into a house filled with smoke, there was a plastic bin smoldering on a mattress! It burnt the plastic into the mattress and left a burnt hole all the way down to box springs. We aired out house, but no one will help me remove the burnt mattress and unfortunately last night and tonight I will have to sleep on it! I already have many auto immune diseases, including Lupus. Can you tell me of Heath risks for sleeping on burnt mattress ? I have constant fever, chills, sweats, headache and joint & muscle pain are exasperated since sleeping on it last night! Please help me!!! I don't know what to do? (Other than obvious, getting help to get mattress out of my room!) Thank you Lynne K.Lynch

PS, our 14yr old grandson stayed last night and he breathed in some smoke & had to go out in front yard and spit up! Can he have lasting affects also? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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You really should have called the fire brigade at the time, not only for safety but because they would have taken out the mattress for you!

Combustion by products include quite a lot of very nasty substances - anyone exposed should seek medical attention.

Perhaps Social Services or a Charity could assist with the mattress issue.

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