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Extending A Non Compliant System

Guest Jay Taylor

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Guest Jay Taylor


Just wondering if any of you can help...

Is it allowable to add an additional detector to a fire alarm system which is installed in LSF cable (Non compliant with current BS) by using FP200 cable on the new part?

If it is do you note this on the installation certificate that the existing part if non complaint but the new part is complaint?

All advice grateful of.


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Thanks for reply AnthonyB

Not sure as yet, we've had a quick look and noticed the detectors are lsf so need to verify the sounders.

I presume if the sounders arent then its a no no?

Is there a part in the regs you can direct me to?

This has all been requested after a risk assessment, but they are no existing certs for the installation.

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If the sounder circuit isn't fire resistant then that's a major non conformity that can affect life safety (plenty of case history of where fire alarm sounders failing early was one of the factors influencing multi fatality fires) and should be a high priority action in the FRA.

Also, unless it's an L1 system if the detection zones are not fire resistant I would want the panel set to operate in the old "short circuit = fire mode" as there would be a risk of a fire in an area not covered by detection destroying the cable putting the panel only into fault and preventing it going into fire.

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