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Explosive Atmospheres


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Hi All,


Can anyone shed any light on how I would go about determining whether a paint spraying shed is classed as a 'Explosive atmosphere'. I am not sure how you measure this, and what the thresholds of this is.

Also, if it turns out we do have a 'Explosive atmosphere' how do I go about ensuring that we install adequate ventilation systems (a highly regarded ventilation manufacturers stated that they couldn't give us that information, they just manufacture and install the systems), to ensure we make the atmosphere non explosive.

I have done a little reading around on the subject, but I am getting a little lost in it. So any guidance would be great.


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It is the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 that control this situation and you would need to establish the lower level of the explosive limit of the flammable liquids that is being used. This is a process risk and is the responsibility of the HSE who most probably have guidance document for this situation. I found one that may be useful, check out,


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