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Means of escape from penthouse

Guest Andy Chaplin

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Guest Andy Chaplin


I'm working on a fire risk assessment as part of my education. The building in question is warehouse and offices. The third floor of the offices is a penthouse apartment which is lead to by a spiral accommodation stair. Up with the penthouse are three self-contained flats (the penthouse and flats are for the company owner and guests when they visit). What i want to know is what means of escape is required from up there? Currently, it is just the accommodation stair up to the third floor. There is a fire exit up there but this just leads on to a flat roof with no way down to the ground. Any information would be much appreciated for my self-development. I've checked the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 but cannot find anything specific.

Thanks, Andy.

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The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 shows you what your duties under the order they do not tell how to achieve those requirements, for this you need the appropriate guides and standards.

The whole of the ground and first floor and the common areas on the third floor is subject to the order and you will require, amongst other requirements, a means of escape for all relevant persons. The door to the flat roof is not a fire escape, if it does not lead you to safety and the accommodation spiral stair is unlikely to be considered for MoE therefore you may need to provide a new staircase.

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk there are many pages you may find useful and in particular http://www.firesafe.org.uk/regulatory-reform-fire-safety-order-2005/ to start with which privides links to all the appropriate guides.

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