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Sounders in data center

Guest CraigS

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Hi, we run a data center in Edinburgh with one main building and 4 separate external metal generator enclosures approx. 3x6m. each. The enclosures have their own fire protection, which is separate to the main building system. You can't hear the alarm for the main building from inside the enclosures. Also, the enclosures are sited within 3m from the main building. So, what we're asking is, would this be a legal requirement to have sounders from the main system in these enclosures? Do they have to be linked in any way? Or would this just be regarded as 'good practice'

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Would you be trapped in any of the enclosure if a fire started in the main building, by the sound of it, the answer would be no, so why do you want to know if there is a fire in the main building it's the people in that building that needs to know. If a fire starts in one of the enclosures you would know immediately, shout fire and get out, their own fire protection would deal with the fire. What would be important is property protection, not legally required, but I would give it consideration and if a fire starts in one of the enclosures the panel in the main building should be alerted the enable those responsible to take the necessary action to ensure the fire does not spread to the main building.

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