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Fire Safety Regulations how they are implemented

Tom Sutton

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Quite often a question will appear, do the regulations apply, and consequently it is important to understand what is meant by the regulations. The regulation’s which includes acts of parliament are legislation that requires you to submit to a line of action but does not necessarily how to fulfil your duty. It is the guides and British Standards that show you how the meet the required standard. The regulation will say, you need to install a fire alarm, if necessary, but it is BS 5839 that will show you how.

The regulation is law but the guides and British Standards are recommendations but are also considered best practice. This is important if things go wrong and if you have followed the appropriate guides and standards you have a defence of best practice providing you have also followed your duty as detailed by the appropriate regulations.

If you are installing something new then it has to be in accordance with the current standard if it is something that has been installed some time ago then it will be the standard current at the time of installation. Providing the item is still fit for purpose, which is decided by risk assessment, and then it will be still considered best practice.

There are a number of regulations and acts of parliament that cover fire safety the principal one in England and Wales is The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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