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Tenant is ignoring fire regulations for communal entrance fire exit


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I live in a communal block of flats containing 6 flats on 3 floors and one of the tenants keeps storing her prams with blankets underneath the communal stairway which is located next to the main entrance and fire exit doorway.  Her visitors are also parking immediately outside of the fire exit doorway causing a restriction to fire crews, ambulances etc.  The landlord (housing association) has made her aware that she needs to stop doing all of these things and to remove her vehicles and the prams too.  At first, the tenant behaved herself and she stopped her visitors parking cars and leaving her prams near to the communal fire exit.  However, she has now chosen to disregard the warnings given by the housing officer regarding fire hazards and leaving combustible items at the fire exit and cars are again being parked and prams being left at the communal escape route/fire exit.  How should the landlord deal with a tenant who ignores the safety of fellow tenants?  Can anyone tell me if it is a breach of her tenancy agreement and if so, does the landlord have to issue a warning letter to her?  If death or serious injury result can the landlord or tenant be held responsible and liable for not enforcing and abiding by the fire regulations?  How does the landlord ensure that the tenant needs to take this more seriously as she is definitely risking the safety of fellow tenants in the building.  Thank you for any advice given.


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Is it a breach of her tenancy agreement  would depend on what the tenancy agreement says, that is between the landlord and the tenant how the landlord enforces it you would have to ask a solicitor.

If death or serious injury result from a fire can the landlord or tenant be held responsible, yes and a number have gone to jail and/or heavy fines. I think the final action would be eviction and I just cannot see how you persuade a person who will not listen.

You could contact the enforcing authority the local fire and rescue service and see if confronting them with an uniform would work   

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