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Youth Centre Evacuation

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Guest joemgn


So I work at a youth centre and our team is made up of paid staff and volunteers. I have sort of taken responsibility for fire safety for our particular session and we need to plan a full evacuation of the centre soon. On a busy night we can have up to 50 young people (ages 8-13) in and we usually have 8-9 staff. Anyway, to my point... would it be necessary to appoint fire marshals for the building, there are usually 1 or 2 members of staff in each area. So one of my ideas was that upon an evacuation; one would sweep the area and the other would lead the young people out of the building. The other is that all the staff would guide the children out then the fire marshals go back and sweep the area. In your professional opinion which would be better? Thanks

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As it appears you are in charge regarding fire matters, you can appoint other competent persons to assist you in the case of a fire occurring and you could call them fire marshal's if you choose. Your proposals appear satisfactory, however once the marshals escorting the youths, have left the building they should not return but should report to the person in charge at the assemble point and give a full briefing. The ones sweeping their areas,including any toilets, small rooms, cupboards and such, again leave the building and report to the assembly point and give their report. Remember all the competent persons no matter what role they undertake, such receive adequate training in what they are required to do.

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-emergency-evacuation-plan-or-fire-procedure/

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