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Freeholder not doing checks


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Hi ,I'm a tenant in a building of flats over 3 floors all bought to let .Building has a freeholder I recently changed a poorly fitting fire door for a front door with two double glazed panels .Freeholder told me to polut old one back I could see my mistake as I'm basement floor small hall niebour opposite door basement. But I knew he had not been doing door checkd as if he was he would have failed my fire door .No other doors in the rest of the building are fire doors ,he said as they were there they can stay .My shoddy landlord also told me to put old fire door back as the freeholder was giving them grief .I now have to buy a new fire door as don't have keys for ill fitting one .But the Freeholder needs to contact the other landlords ti put fure doors in right or wrong ?Also went fire doors supposed to be self closing and isn't there supposed to be signage .Thanks 

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I am assuming you live in England or Wales because the legislation is different in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Your block of flats are subject to  The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  and the freeholder is the Responsible Person and has to conduct a fire risk assessment (FRA). Without seeing the FRA I cannot say what is needed to ensure the premises are fire safe but all front doors need to be fire doors. Who ever conducted the FRA must have decided all the front doors met a 30 minute nominal standard of fire resistance but because you removed your front door you have to replace it with a certified 30 minute fire door, as you didn't the RP is insisting you do.

If you still have concerns contact the enforcing authority the local fire and rescue service check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/uk-fire-rescue-services-details/ .

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