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Im just in the outset of reupholstering things for resale and although I have done this over the past years for myself wonder how I can comply with the fire regulations properly and get labels?

I purchase my fabrics from retailers and have presumed that thier products are fire safe but wanted to check.  How can I now check my stock of fabrics?

Any old foam within an item I replace with new but is all new foam fire resistant?

Is it true that if you uphoster items using the traditional methods (horse hair, linen, calico etc) that no label is required?

do scatter cushions need a fire label too?







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You need to study the Domestic Flammability Guide and  http://www.firesafe.org.uk/furniture-and-furnishings-fire-safety-regulations-19881989-and-1993/ this guidance should answer most of your questions.


Getting a supplier for the printed fire labels is difficult, but surf the web with, “furniture fire labels” and you should get most you require. You need documented proof that the materials meet the required standard so you would need to contact the supplier. Not all foam is fire retardant and you would again need to contact the supplier for document proof. Any furniture predated 1950 does not require labels but any new or reupholstered furniture does and the guidance explains more fully. Scatter cushions fall within the regulations and the labelling is explained in the guide.

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