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Hi all

I hope this is the right section to post this in.

I was wondering if anyone had information on the FM200 system regarding guidelines / processes AFTER it has discharged. In particular, I am wondering what the recommended wait time is following a discharge of the system, before you can reenter the room. We are looking at creating a set of guidelines for in-house, and having a prescribed waiting period seems logical.

I have found numerous articles etc on the net, but nothing that addresses this. Additionally, are there any other recommendations or guidelines on procedures following the system discharging.

Thank you

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From the manufacturers FAQ:

The key to responding to a post FM-200™ discharge is to evaluate the scope and nature of the fire event. If there was no fire event, the agent can be safely and quickly removed through conventional air handling (turn on the AC, open the doors and windows) and will pose no danger to the respondents or the employees working in the space. FM-200™ is safe for people to breath at normal design concentrations.

In the event of a fire, most FM-200™ systems are designed to respond while the fire event is still in the earliest stages and very small. In a typical electronic computer facility the fires are low energy, slow growth events. Early detection limits the potential for fire damage and combustion by products. Modern electronics, however, can give off a wide range of noxious byproducts when burned. For this reason, it is recommended that firefighters employ SCBA when re-entering a space. FM-200™ will generate some HF (Hydrofluoric Acid) as a result of extinguishing the fire.

In general, there is no requirement to decontaminate firefighter gear after responding to an FM-200™ event. There will be little or no residue, other than possible combustion products from the fire, within the protected space. Repeated fire tests have been performed, without ever decontaminating the fire suits used by the technicians.

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