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Fire door in church kitchen


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I am the administrator of a church which has a meeting room with a a very small room off it- maybe 4 feet by 12 feet that has a sink and a hot water boiler for teas and coffees. We are removing the water boiler and replacing it with a kettle and coffee filter machine. The room has a hatch (with wooden roll-down shutters) for serving coffee and a door which appears to be a fire door and has a closer. However we would like to replace the door with a stable door - and don't think it is necessary to have a fire door on it. The building dates from 1982. Can you advise, please?


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As the room in question appears to be only a tea room and not kitchen then the risk would be considered low but why would it be enclosed to a fire resistant (FR) standard? It maybe because of its location in relationship to the means of escape or it was used as a kitchen in the past, so you need to review your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA). The result could be that the tea room need not be FR and if that is the case then you do not require a FD30 fire door and replacing it with a stable door would be acceptable.

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-risk-assessment/ and Small and medium placesof assembly.


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