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Overlap of MDF floorboards and skirting board to stop fire spreading

Guest Sally

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I have recently had the MDF floorboards replaced in my flat due to heavy soiling, but instead of taking off the skirting boards so the boards could be put right up to the wall, they fall several cm short of the wall in some places. Is this a breach of fire safety regulations? Somebody has told me it is, on the grounds that smoke could get through from the flat downstairs in the event of a fire. Please can you advise me of the organisation I need to contact regarding this if you cannot help me.


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Not only smoke, fire as well and the contractor should have apply for Building Regulation approval. It appears the way the floor has been done it  will not meet a minimum fire resistance of 30 minutes and 60 minutes could be required. I would suggest you contact your local building control and explain your situation giving them full details.

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