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Fire Safety and Reupholstered Furniture


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Hi there,

I've had a bit of an explore online but struggling to find the right answer.

I work for a charity, we are given donated furniture, which we refurbish and sell. we currently have a warehouse of chairs. sofas, etc. which we cannot sell because they do not have the appropriate fire safety labels on them. Is there any way of making these saleable again by reupholstering them? We also make cushion covers and cushions and I was wondering if these need to have a label on them. The cushion inserts themselves have fire safety labels but as we make the covers ourselves, these currently do not. We also would like to re-pad old dining chairs/cover the old pads. how do we do so whilst meeting fire safety regulations?

Apologies for the long post =)

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If both elements are labelled as having passed the relevant tests you should be OK, however if the particular combination of cover and inner haven't been tested together it's recommended they are sent for testing.

If it is antique furniture (made before 01/01/1950) it is exempt from the furniture regulations.

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