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Handle removed from fire door

Guest LIz

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I have recently noticed that the door handle on the fire door which separates our two offices has been swapped over. I work in the office where the door hinges open into our office. So the way to open the door is to use the door handle to pull. The door handle has been removed and is now on the opposite side of the door. As the door pushes to open from the office side I do not think that a handle is needed. It seems to me that the fire door is now not safe for purpose. Please can you advise as to whether this is legal. The door can be opened by a small catch which must now be turned but no handle.

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Is this door required for means of escape, is it a bypass door, because usually the door from an office leads into a corridor and only one door is require for MoE in a normal office, without more detailed information I cannot give a proper answer. Check out Offices and shops.

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