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Can stairwells be glazed?

Guest Roksana

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Guest Roksana


I wish to build a stairwell to the loft that is adequately fire rated for building regs but is constructed with glass panels or class 1 polycarbonate sheet so that the stairwell has natural light through it and is not so dark. The stairwell is enclosed but I wish to incorporate 'glazed' panels from the 1st floor landing. May I use class 1 fire rated 3mm polycarbonate acrylic sheet instead of glass?
I have been advised to use Acrylic Firemate Intumescent Sealant to the frame partition for the glass panels.
Please may I have additional information regarding the frame construction for the glass wall panel to meet fire regs.

Thank you

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First point to raise is class 1, is surface spread of flame rating and not fire resistance and you would have to use fire resisting glazing. Secondly you may have a radiated fire risk and would need special fire resisting glazing like Pyrostop consequently you should discuss your proposals with the local Building Control who are in the best position to advise you. You would need full detailed drawings and even a survey to decide what would be acceptable to the BCO.

The Guide to Best Practice in the Specification and Use of Fire-Resistant Glazed Systems.

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