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Fire door problems in HMO housing


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Im sure this has been written about before but I need advice. a Landlord has asked if I could follow up on repairs to a number door problems in two of his houses. These are the gaps around the doors possibly exceed the 4mm and the threshold is to large due to the way the floor rises upwards as the door opens so when closed the gap under the door is around 10mm or more.

what can be done to reduce the gap under the door. without having to lift the floor and raising it causing a trip hazard in to the room. are there any brush strips that can be fitted ?

what can I do regarding the door surround the doors already have intumescent door seals but the fibres might not be touching the door its self.

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You could try a Drop Down Smoke Seal for the threshold gap providing it does not exceed 14mm. Correcting the sides would depend on the size of the gap, if it is less than 4mm the intumescent strip doesn't need to touch the frame it will fill the gap when heated but if it is more than 4mm you may have to fit new hardwood lippings or even a new fire door.

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