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Cost efficient way to lock fire exit doors

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I was emailing to ask for advice. We are a small charity with a hall at the back of our building which we hire for private functions to raise funds for our services. The hall currently has 3 fire exits with one being at the back of the hall with access to a garden and a pathway to the front of the building. This fire door is a double fire door which is operated by push bars. We currently have it alarmed so upon unauthorised exit the alarm will sound. Our licensing agreement for the property prevents us from using the garden for hired events as our garden backs onto a residential area. However although we have the doors alarmed unfortunately we still have a lot of trouble with hirers opening the door to access the garden. The alarm does not seem to be audible enough especially when loud music is played by the hirers. So although we would still like to leave the fire exit easily accessible we are in a position to consider access or control measures. I have looked at your website and it mentions that redlam bolts are only suitable for single doors. I wasn’t able to find any information whether the Kingpin Emergency Bolt is suitable for single or double doors. And the rest listed on the same page seem to be complicated. So I was hoping that you could advise me on what the best solution would be for our fire exit. Are we able to use the Kingpin Emergency Bolt or are there other options which are cost-effective. As we are a small charity we would like the cheapest but an effective option that can help us manage the access under non-emergency situations.

I hope the information I have provided is clear enough. Please let me know if you have any questions. In the meantime I look forward to your assistance.

Kindest Regards


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The problem is that no matter which security device you fit, glass bolt mag locks etc, any person, if inclined to, can open the door easily as is required by the regulations.

The best solution is to alarm the door, but being able to respond when the alarm operates is the problem and in your case the noise levels restricts the effectiveness of the system. I would suggest you consider a Wireless Universal Alert Sensor which would solve this because immediately the door is opened the sensor will trip and inform you by wireless transmission, allowing you to go to the door where the breach has occurred.

You could also use a high decibel alarm which would be heard over the music and be uncomfortable for those in the vicinity of the exit door.

Check out https://www.safelincs.co.uk/fire-exit-door-security/

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