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Kitchen appliances without a door

Guest EmilyWill

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Guest EmilyWill

We are looking to move into an open plan office which has a breakout room without a door. The opening will be over a meter wide and floor to ceiling in height.

One colleague is worried that we would not be allowed a microwave or kettle without a door, however I believe that as long as kept any fuel such as loose papers or refuse away from the surface we could have these things. I was also planning on having a CO2 fire extinguisher to reduce the chances of a fire getting far. So long as we regularly inspected the wiring for the appliances, we should be okay.

Can you confirm that I am correct in identifying this as a potential hazard, but that with the precautions mentioned we would be okay to have a kettle and microwave in our breakout area?


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Emily this is a hazard but one with very little potential for harm; I agree with your risk reduction measures but don't believe you need to supply a CO2 extinguisher. With respect to a door this would normally be expected on a commercial kitchen but what you are describing is a staff tea room.

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