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Fire protection and soundproofing


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We're about to start the conversion of a two story Victorian house into four apartments.
1 in the basement, 1 on the ground floor 1 on the first floor and 1 on the second.

One of the main jobs will be to create a fire and soundproof barrier between each floor.

My question is.

Hoping to save the original mouldings on the ceilings, is there a product out there that will both soundproof and give 1 hour fire protection we can install between the joist.
We're looking at installing it while having floor boards removed to rewire and re-plumb.

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I would suggest you surf the web with something like “upgrade an existing floor to 60 minute fire resistance” I did and found http://www.trimacoustics.co.uk/Firefloor.pdf and http://www.propertyrepairsystems.co.uk/fireceiling.htm and then you should research the possibilities, making sure the building control officer is kept informed for approval.

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