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Installing fire alarm system myself

Guest Fraser

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Guest Fraser

Hi, i was wondering if you could help me out, im quoting for some electrical work in a large domestic dwelling and the client requires a fire alarm system for the property, currently there is only battery operated smoke alarms dotted around the house and i was hoping to install a grade D LD3 system which would be an improvement on what is already there, but i am unsure if i will be able to do this. The property has two floors and a basement with one or more of the floor areas being over 200m2, i believe a grade A LD2 system is needed, i have no problem supplying and installing the system but in order to comply with building control i believe (i maybe wrong) it needs to be commissioned and certified by a registered by either BAFE/FIA approved person. I have attached the floor plan drawing and wondered if it would it be possible to highlight what areas require detection (design). Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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The LGA guidance HOUSING – FIRE SAFETY Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing for a standard domestic dwelling recommends grade D LD3 but Approved Document B - Fire safety: Volume 1 - Dwellinghouses recommends for a two storey house with a basement, and any floor over 200 squared metres , Grade B LD3 so if this house is subject to the Building Regulations then you need to consider Grade B LD3.

A qualified electrician installing a Grade D LD3 I see no problems but a Grade B LD3 would be more of a specialist job and you would need to have a good knowledge of BS 5839 part 6 or attended a specialist course. For proof it has been installed correctly the Building Control Officer would require an installation/commissioning certificates but the is no mention of BAFE/FIA approved person. The type and siting of detector heads and sounders is all covered in the British Standard.

For more information check out the above documents.

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