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Temporary fire alarm system in school

Guest StephCam

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Guest StephCam

Good Afternoon, I have a question regarding a refurbishment project we are currently working on involving a hall which incorporates office space and an external building acting as an reception school class. Both building share a common external courtyard which is only 3m in width to exit the premises. This situation is only temporary and will only stand for 1 year, however, the contractor has suggested we use smoke detectors hard wired linked together to alarm at the same time should one detect smoke, no fire alarm panel or manual call points. Also we are only adding smoke detectors to the office and class space as this is the boundry of the refurbishment. I would really like some advice on whether the suggested system is acceptable and whether only adding smoke detectors to a portion of the building is acceptable? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Stephen

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Without more information I cannot give a reasonable response for instance how is the hall and external building, located in relation to the rest of the school? If a fire was to occur in either of these premises could it spread to the rest of the school or each other? Will these premises be occupied during the time the rest of the premises are in use, by your staff or the contractors? Have you conducted a review of the fire risk assessment considering the significant changes taking place?

First I would not be taking advice from a contractor; you need a qualified fire risk assessor. I would not consider using domestic smoke detectors in your situation and if all the premises are occupied during the time the premises is in use then why do you need smoke detectors, when humans are a much better detector of fire. You may need manual call points to warn other people if they are likely to be threatened by fire. As I have already said it is difficult to give good advice without conducting a physical survey or having the necessary information.

Check out https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-safety-risk-assessment-educational-premises for more information.

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