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Fire regulations and mattress toppers

Guest Lesley G

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The guide to the regulations states,

Mattress pads (toppers)

BS 7177 defines a mattress pad (topper) as a product which comprises a cover and filling(s), or filling material(s) alone, designed to be used in conjunction with a mattress or upholstered bed base. Mattress pads (toppers) are mattresses, albeit secondary, as they are not intended to be used separately. Therefore the filling material (foam or non-foam) contained in a mattress pad (topper) must meet the Regulations. In addition the fire safety of the complete product is controlled via the General Product Safety Regulations hence the mattress pad (topper) must also comply with the low hazard category of BS 7177.

Reading that I would say between the furniture regulation and the General Product Safety Regulations both the filling /cover need to conform to one or the other regulation.


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