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Fire exit drilled shut

Guest TomPritch

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Guest TomPritch


I just want some advice about a Council owned block, its a maisonette. there is a door way that has been drilled shut with screws, people class it as a fire exit door way but there's no signs on it that shows its an actual fire exit and also it leads into the corridors. and there are fire exit doors that lead into the corridors near the stairs. I just want to know if it is an actually fire exit, you have to have a key to open it from the outside but ther's a turning handle where you can open it from the other side, is it the law to have fire exit signs on a fie exit door, if there's no signs does that mean its not one? all people just use this area door way for is nothing really its like a rubbish chute room but without a rubbish chute, all it is, is an empty room with a door way that leads out onto the stairs ant feedback given is much appreciated.


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I do not understand the layout you are trying to describe but I can say not all doors required for means of escape have to be indicated by a fire exit sign, only MoE doors that are not in general constant use. Any MoE door can be locked providing it can be opened without the need of a key from the direction of escape side which can be in some cases from both sides but usually from the inside.

I cannot give a definitive response without a physical survey or detailed plans, whether a means of escape route is satisfactory because there are many considerations that have to be considered.

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