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Door opener


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I am specifically looking for a mechanical door opener that, in effect, works the opposite way of a door closer.

So when the door lock is released the door will gently spring open.

I have a requirement to link a smoke shaft door into an addressable alarm system. I saw a system in an old building in Belgium whereby the smoke shaft door was held shut with a mag lock and upon activation the lock released and the door was literally pulled open by the device I am looking for, a sprung door opener rather than a typical door closer.

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I have never seen such a device but a problem I would foresee would be, on a door closer when the door is closed (normal position) the spring in the door closer would not be under tension. In what you propose when the door is open the spring would not be under tension but when closed (normal position 7/24) the spring would be under tension therefore would the spring stand up to this kind of treatment?

Have you considered automatic door openers and instead of having a PIR to open the door use the fire alarm instead. I am not sure it could be arranged but you could speak to suppliers of such devices.

Finally have you considered an Heath Robinson device, a cable fixed to the top of the door running through a pulley and down the wall with a weight fixed to the end of the cable. When the door is closed, and held with the magnetic lock, the weight will be raised, release the lock, the weight drops opening the door? Only a thought. :unsure:

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