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Employee sent in to check for fire

Guest MWarr

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Guest MWarr

Could you advise me, please, on whether it is permissible for an employee, who has no official role in terms of fire safety, to be asked by a manager to go back into a building after a fire alarm has sounded, in order to help find out where and why the alarm has been triggered? Thank you.

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Guest Mwarr

Hi Tom

It's a school and there is an evacuation plan, but I have been told by my employer that any member of staff could be asked to act as the Alarm Investigation Marshal when a fire alarm has sounded, even though we have had no training for that role. Our policy document designates specific staff members as Alarm Investigation Marshals and does not indicate that others could be asked to carry out this role, which is clearly not without risk, hence my concern.

Many thanks for any advice you can offer.

Kind regards,


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Hi M

You are are absolutely correct if you are not a Alarm Investigation Marshal and have not received the appropriate training then you should not be asked to carry out such a task. All fire marshals are classed as competent person under the Fire Safety Order which says "A person is to be regarded as competent for the purposes of this article where he/she has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him properly to assist in undertaking the preventive and protective measures". For further information article 18 of the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 state the full requirements.

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