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What training should I have to sign off fire alarm installation certificate?

Guest David

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I'm A fire and security engineer operating in the north west. I recently installed and programmed a fire alarm for my company. However I don't feel I have enough knowledge of the standards to sign a commissioning sheet. When the sheet was produced by my line manager I explained that im not comfortable in signing the certificate. On the certificate it said - signed on behalf of the the company (Then My Name In print) Position - Engineer Then Signature Which My Manager Ended Up Signing. I'm now worried because my name is on the sheet but not my signature. Is the certificate a legal document. Has my manager commuted fraud. I'm frightened that something may happen to the system and it appears to be my fault.

Please help.

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I am not a legal expert but I believe, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 says, It is an offence for any person to make in any register, book, notice or other document required to be kept, served or given by or under, this Order, an entry which he knows to be false in a material particular;

(Article 5(3), 32(2)b.)

Your company is subject to the order therefore the above statement applies, then they could be prosecuted and as you did not sign it would be up to your line manager to explain his actions.

If you are installing fire alarm systems (FAS) you should have a good understanding of BS 5839 part 1 2013 and with experience it would make you competent to design, install and commission any FAS and the company should consider BAFE’s SP201 or SP203.

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