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Number of fire exits for upstairs school club

Guest NicolaBr

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Guest NicolaBr

Im looking to extend my childcare business by moving the out of school club upstairs in our premises. If I did this it would mean there were only windows and the one stairwell downstairs. Is this sufficient for fire escapes? If not, what would it require please? We open 07:30 til 18:00 mon to fri, for ages 4 - 14.
Thank You


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Sorry Nicola not as simple as you may think, there are many questions that need answers, is the staircase protected to outside the premises, is the ground and first floor fully compartmented, how many persons will be using the premises, is there a fire alarm, plus other questions need to be answered.

Without a physical survey it is impossible to give a definitive answer, therefore I would suggest you acquire the services of a fire risk assessor to survey the premises and he/she would be able to advise you on your proposals, which there is always a solution.

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Thank you for your response Tom.

The staircase is protected to an internal and an external door.

The ground floor is 2 large rooms, plus 3 other rooms (toilets, kitchen and reception area). The 1st floor is a large open plan living/kitchen area and 3 rooms (1 of which is a bathroom).

There is a an alarm system downstairs and the plan was to put a wireless alarm system in upstairs which would be linked to this.

The ceiling on the ground floor is fire protected and emergency lighting is fitted.

People using the building are 25 children aged 4 plus upstairs and 30 children aged 2 - 5 downstairs.

It will not be used for overnight care and no sleep rooms will be on the first floor.

I have had building regulations in, who will be contacting the fire officer, however I wanted to try and get a rough idea of what expense could be applicable to see if it was worthwhile myself submitting the application.

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It sounds like a converted large house and I do not see many problems for you but I cannot give a definitive answer without a physical survey because of the many item you have to consider.

The fire alarm will need to be extended as you have suggested, the emergency lighting may have to be extended and the premises will require fire fighting equipment installed, depending on the fire risks present. The single protected staircase should be acceptable but you may be required to provide escape windows on the first floor and the ground floor if there is no alternative means of escape. The appropriate guidance is Approved Document B - Fire Safety: Volume 2 - Buildings other than dwellinghouses

After the alterations you will need to conduct a fire risk assessment and the appropriate guidance is Fire safety risk assessment: educational premises

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