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Fire safety requirements for windows

Guest JamesMere

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Guest JamesMere

I have an enquire regarding new windows that Southwark Council have put in my property and I worry that these do not fulfill fire safety regulations.

I was under the impression that windows installed into a property had to meet some sort of fire regulations.

The reason I am questioning this is because last year four people died in a block of flats in Southwark and the windows were said not to meet fire regulations as they melted within 10 seconds when the regulations stated it has to be a minimum of a minute.

The council deny this is a regulation.

Please can you let me know if there are fire regulations for councils installing windows in the UK.

Many Thanks,


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The only guidance I am aware of, for windows, is if they are escape windows or for ventilation, then they needs to be openable also of a certain size. Only if they form part of a compartment wall would they require being fire resistant. The figures you quote do not make any sense and you would need to provide me with further details of the source to enable me to research this more.

The guidance for anybody building or refurbishing building in England and Wales is the Approved Documents and fire fire safety it is Approved Document B (Fire Safety) download from http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/buildingregulations/approveddocuments/partb/bcapproveddocumentsb/

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