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Do we need to move our break glass unit?

Guest DavidPool

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Guest DavidPool


Our company is forming a new meeting room which, we think, results in relocating a break glass unit.

We are thinking of forming a meeting room in the corner of an existing office but this would mean ‘enclosing’ a break glass unit and a sounder which are in the existing office currently. The meeting room would have its own fire door leading directly onto a staircase. The remainder of the existing office outside the meeting room has its own fire door and leads to a lobby leading to the same staircase – 3m travel. There is also a bgu in the lobby 3 – 4m from the office door although not in a place that can be seen straightaway on leaving the office.


  1. Would we need a bgu in the remaining office
  2. would we need to move the sounder
  3. Would we need a bgu in the meeting room


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Let me have another go, the meeting room will have a BGU near the door to the staircase and is clearly visible. The occupants of the office will have to pass a BGU on route to the staircase and it will be clearly visible when they approach it. Nobody has to travel more than 45 meters to reach a BGU (less than 10 meters) therefore there should be no problems regarding the BGU's.

There will be a sounder in the meeting room so there should be no problem hearing the alarm in the meeting room but you will need to wait until the meeting room is constructed and do a sound check in the office to ensure they can hear the alarm which could mean a new sounder may have to be provided. There are sound pressure levels you have to achieve, 60 db in offices.

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