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How many mains powered smoke alarms?

Guest WesKen

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Guest WesKen


I'm currently undergoing some renovation work to a two story-3 floored property, ground floor single occupancy with bedroom, kitchenette/lounge and shower room..

First floor dual occupied 2x bedsit, communal kitchen,laundry and shower room..

Second floor same as ground floor..

Would it be acceptable to install mains powered smoke/heat detectors x 4 individual units as would be the norm, then install the same type of system interlinked through communal areas or would communal need a fire alarm system with call points, zoned panel etc..

We need to know as to work to legislation..

Many thanks in advance


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The guidance for this type of premises (bedsit type HMO) is HOUSING – FIRE SAFETY Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing and they recommend Grade A LD2 in the common areas and Grade D in the flats. Check out the guidance for more details.
Grade A: a fire detection and alarm system that is designed and installed in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5839: part 1 (2002), except clauses relating to alarm audibility, alarm warnings for the hearing-impaired, standby supplies, manual call points and radio-linked systems, which are replaced by part 6. This comprises a system of electrically operated smoke and/or heat detectors which are linked to a control panel. The control panel must conform to current BS 5839: part 4 (or equivalent). In general the system must incorporate manual call points which should be located next to final exits, and, in larger multi-storey properties, on each landing. The alarm signal must achieve sound levels of not less than 65dB (A) in all accessible parts of the building and not less than 75dB (A) at all bed-heads when all doors are shut, to arouse sleeping persons.
Grade D: a system of one or more mains-powered smoke (or heat) alarms each with integral battery standby supply. These are designed to operate in the event of mains failure and therefore could be connected to the local lighting circuit rather than an independent circuit at the dwelling’s main distribution board. There is no control panel.
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