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Storage of rags soaked with kerosene

Guest KrisB

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I was wondering if you could help with a query I have had but can't find a satisfactory answer. At our company we use rags to wipe up spills of oil, kerosene and other flammable solvents. When used, these are disposed of in a metal bin with a self closing lid. I'm trying to find out whether there is an 'official' specification for fire safety/resistance of these bins. I can't find a British Standard (or equivalent) for an approved spec. Some bins available online claim to comply with BS476 Part 7 but the abstract of this standard doesn't seem particularly relevant to bin construction. Is this just something that needs to be 'risk assessed' and a subjective determination of the suitability of the bin made?

Many thanks in advance


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I am not aware of any British standard for waste bins but providing they are constructed of steel with a close fitting lid and emptied at the end of the working day then that should be considered satisfactory. I would also be careful on the location of these bins so to ensure if they should ignite due to spontaneous heating then ensure they cannot ignite adjacent materials and have an appropriate extinguisher close by.

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