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Fire safety provisions for children's home with 6 residents

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I am looking at opening a small children's home, less that 6 residents that receive care so would remain under a C3 classification under a cert of lawfulness as opposed to a C2 Residential institution. We will also be provided an "in house" educational provision for the residents whom will have physical and/or learning disabilities. I am aware of the fire risk assessments but wondered what other specifics I may or may not need. It is my understanding previously as a small children's home less that 3 residents it does not require full regs as if it was a large children's home, 3 pr more residents.



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IMO article 32 of the Children's Homes Regulations 2001 has been amended by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and now you need to conform to the RR(FS)O because you are a non domestic premises.

In relation to fire safety this means you are subject to the RR(FS)O and it is irrelevant how many children are involved. Being a risk based piece of legislation it depends on the circumstances of the premises and occupancy that dictates the degree of fire safety required.

For guidance try https://www.gov.uk/g...ential-care.pdf and http://www.firesafe....ety-order-2005/

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