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What emergency lighting in theatre?

Guest GeorgiaMM

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Guest GeorgiaMM

Hi there

I wonder if you can clarify what lighting is required in the auditorium of a theatre. I appreciate the illumination of emergency exits is required but do you also need bright ceiling lights illuminating pathways to the exit or will floor lighting suffice? Can't quite interpret positioning of lighting from your reg BS5266-1:2011.



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There are three documents to assist you they are, Download ‘Fire safety risk assessments - theatres, cinemas and similar premises’ (PDF, 2.9MB), BS5266-1:2011, the whole document especially para 9.3.4. non- residential premises used for recreation, and Technical standards for place of entertainment.

You need the escape route illuminated to 1 lux on a plane 1 meter above the floor which can be dimmed to 0.02 lux providing in the event of failure of the normal lighting, it can be restored to 1 lux within 5 secs.

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Dear Tom, Can I just confirm a few things with you in regards to Safety lighting in theatres.

the term escape route refers to the gangs ways from the edge of a row to a emergency exit and not from your seat down to the edge of the seating row. 


the level can be dimmed to 0.02 Lux is this correct i read in the paper you linked mentioned 0.2 Lux 

can I have some clarification on this point. 

Kind regards JB  

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The term escape route simple means any route people use to escape but yes I would consider the gangs ways from the edge of a row to a emergency exit as the escape route. The level of illumination is not as simple as that it depends on each situation and you need the British Standard to be certain but you can download a number of guides which should help. Do a internet search for "Design Guide to emergency lighting" and could add theatre which should tell you what you need to know.

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