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Fire statistics about nursing homes

Guest StefanJahn

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Guest StefanJahn

I am a student from Germany, and in my master thesis I work on the topic:

"Studies of the (preventive) structural and technical fire protection requirements for nursing care homes for elderly people in the International Comparison."

I like to ask you, if you have fire statistics about fires in "nursing care homes for elderly people" or statistics about the effectiveness of automatic sprinkler systems in these types of buildings? Unfortunately I found nothing properly suitable. Are fires in these types of buildings recorded?

Are there values for fire probability in nursing care homes for elderly people or in general in the UK. And are there values for the failure probability/ reliability for automatic sprinkler systems in these buildings?

I also like to know about the total number (in th UK) of:

1. buildings (in general/ all buildings)

2. residential buildings

3. hospitals

4. nursing care homes for elderly people/ rest homes/ old person's home

4.1. beds in these buildings

4.2. people living in buildings

4.3. age distribution in these buildings

and how many of these buildings above do have an automatic sprinkler system and how many not?

I know many many questions and please excuse the trouble I make, but could you

please take the time to answer my questions or to forward me to somebody who

can. It would help me a lot.

If you can't help me please give me a hint where to look, a link or please

forward me to someone who can help me.

Thank you very much.

With best regards,


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There has been changes to most of the UK government websites like Department of Communities and Local Government, which makes finding anything difficult especially statistics but http://www.statistic.../hub/index.html may help.

You could also try posting on http://forum.fire.org.uk/

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Guest NeilSan

I am very concerned that if a fire started in my mum's care home she would die. The home changed nursing to upper floor and residential to lower floor a few years ago. To me this home is an accident waiting to happen. I would like advice please. Thanks, Neil

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All care homes are subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and are required to conduct a fire risk assessment. The significant findings of the assessment, including the measures which have been or will be taken by the responsible person should indicate the level of fire safety in the premises. 

If you have concerns about the fire safety in your mum's care home you should bring to the attention of the person in charge of the home and maybe a chance to view the FRA will alleviate your concerns. However you would need a good understanding of fire safety matters to interpret the document and the guide Residential care premises should help you to understand the findings of the FRA. 

Or you could also contact the enforcing authority (Local fire and rescue service) and express your concerns about the fire safety in your mum's care home. I am sure they will take to necessary action which may include an audit of the premises and keep you informed of their findings. 

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/uk-fire-rescue-services-details/ for the contact details of your local FRS.


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