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Width of communal hallways

Guest Lindseys

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Guest Lindseys


I am enquiring for some support and guidance requiring minimum hallway (exit corridor) widths for a residential flat. I have recently received a note from a neighbour objecting to my bicycle in our hallway which is flush against the wall (I turn the handlebars every night to not obstruct). I believe according to my own egress calcuations and research concerning fire code law - on the assumption of a 40 flow rate and 2 min evacuation time for 5 occupants the minimum width is 624 mm. Even with the current bicycle position the width that remains is greater than 1000 mm and does not impede or obstruct fire exits or any health and safety concerns. I am looking for some support to ensure that I've done these calculations correctly before writing back a formal letter to the council.

Thanks for all your help in this process!

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