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2-4mm gap around fire door - when did this become mandatory?

Guest Will

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We bought a leasehold flat in May 2022. Following a recent inspection of our front door (30-minute fire door), our management company said it's not compliant with the fire regulations as it has gaps greater than 4mm—in some cases 6 or 8mm—and that the door needs to be 'adjusted' (not possible—gaps are too big) or replaced.

We have two years to report any defects, but the company we bought our flat from says that the door was compliant when we bought it but isn't now following legislation changes, so our problem to fix, not theirs.

Everything I have read says a fire door should have a 2-4mm gap around it and that doesn't appear to have changed in the recent legislation changes.

So my question is - back in May 2022 what was the recommended gap around a fire door? And if what legislation said so?


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Recent HM Gov changes to fire safety regulation has not included any change to perimeter gaps around fire door leaves.

You could look for marks, labels or a plug on your door to identify the door to it's manufacturer and obtain the certification data sheet. That document would state the gap requirement for compliance with the fire resistance performance certification. 

eg: image.png.07dc04e16efa59ba5b5f1eaf7c360464.png

Furthermore, the Timber-based Fire Door Assemblies - Code of practice 2016 is a guidance document that recommends a 2mm to 4mm gap - see section 9.5.2 https://knowledge.bsigroup.com/products/timber-based-fire-door-assemblies-code-of-practice?version=standard

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