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Fire Door Inspection Flat Entrance

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Good evening,

Our block has recently been inspected and all the tenants have been told that they need 'cold smoke seals' added.

When I spoke with the inspector he suggested that these are easy to buy online and install myself. I have had a quick look and I'm not sure what I need!

The door has intumescent strips recessed into the door frame and also has batwing seals. Is this not enough?

Will I need to remove the intumescent strips and replace them with Fire & Smoke strips? Or is there a smoke seal I can add on top of the strips?


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Don't remove and replace the recessed intumescent strips unless they are damaged or unsuitable. The bat-wing seals if in good repair and fitted correctly should be sufficient as smoke seals.  Replace them if necessary and ensure that the seal closes the gap between door frame stop and the face of the door leaf when closed. Examples of easy to fit seals below:


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