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Hi all, I live in a fairly new build 2 bed apartment and it has 3 smoke detectors. One of them started beeping every 40 seconds or so last night and had a red led showing. The following morning I replaced the battery and refitted it however the red light still hasn’t switched back to green. I think it’s a BRK smoke alarm but it does have DETA on the cover.

Secondly the one in the kitchen is constantly going off, every time we cook, use the toaster etc (even if nothing is burnt) it still goes off! I spoke to an electrician I know and he recommended swapping it out for a heat alarm, would this work? Or is there something else I can do to shut it up?




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A smoke detector should never have been installed in a kitchen, so yes, change it to a heat detector.

A smoke alarm should be reset by removing its battery, and pressing the silence button for 15 seconds, then put the battery back.

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