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Fail issue!! Leaf sitting proud of the frame section

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We have installed some fire door sets and after installation found the leaf to be sat 3mm proud of the frame. We have checked the frames will a level and laser and they have been installed plumb. This is now with the supplier but the doors have obviously now been deemed a fail and concerned how we can rectify this without replacement.

Can any one advise of a solution instu that may bring these back within the 1mm allowance??? TIA

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Make sure the hinges are correctly fitted, that the hinge blades do not protrude and therefore are not causing the door leaf to stand proud of the door frame. Reinstall as necessary.  image.png.fd17378fa260b61c3ac91e951f280bdf.png

Also, are the door frame rebates sufficient to accommodate the thickness of the door leaf and not causing the door leaf to stand proud of the door frame? Remove and reinstall the planted rebate stops as necessary.

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Thanks for the reply Neil. The supplier has provide an alternative Aquamac seal in an attempt to bring the doors flush which has worked on 75% of the doors but not all  unfortunately.

I have checked the remaining fails today with laser and 6ft level and the frame and leaf are plumb and the correct size to the stop leaving no other reason than the hinge position being incorrect in my opinion.

These are all FD30s door sets so we are relucant to start moving hinges given these have been noted already and would void the certification from the supplier in essence.

We are now in a difficult postion other than to replace the doorsets which is going to be difficult to agree costs with us installing the doors, although impossible for the joiners to pick this up until they are fixed in postion.

Never easy!!

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Assuming removal of the Aquamac seal and then moving the hinges inwards into the door frame jamb would resolve the issue. Do that, as it should not cause the door certification to be void. The reverse side of the hinge blades should not be visible. 

Obviously an alternative seal will be required but these are available.

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