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Industrial Kitchen Detections in the UK


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I was wondering to find out if the licenced premises with an industrial kitchen need any detection and warning systems.

I have been reading some publishings online and I remember they were saying “Every shop with an industrial kitchen needs some sort of fire detection and alert system”.

Can any of you confirm this is correct? If yes is it mandatory? I could not find it on the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 or on the Shops Guide by the Government.

Thank you for your time and support.



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It depends on the size and layout of the premises. A really small building (like a lock up takeaway with a small counter space and adjacent kitchen) may need nothing (unless underneath a flat/flats without 60 minutes fire separation), but larger places of assembly up to 300 persons may need at least a Category M system of manual call points and sounders off a control panel.

You must by law have a written fire risk assessment for your premises carried out by a competent person - this will tell you exactly what you need in your circumstances.

Note that insurance requirements will differ from statutory ones and are often more onerous. 

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