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Guest Julie Sheard

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Guest Julie Sheard

I have recently moved into a flat in a retirment complex. The fire doors on the corridor bang shut every time someone goes through. One door hits so hard it bounces!!! At 11.30pm they all bang shut together, waking me up after just getting to sleep. In the morning they are banged open onto their retainers. The manager says they all need replacing as decorators painted over the intumecent strips. 

How long do the freeholders have to put them right? What else should I do. I understand that firedoors must close, but do they need to bang so loud?

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The self closing devices are fully adjustable so should be able to close more softly, especially as, unlike flat front doors, they don't have a lock latch to overcome.

Doors and closers don't need replacing just because the strips are painted over, just the strips do (and if they are not fitted with smoke brushes or fins can be painted anyway)

If they are taking a very long time to repair them and you have concerns your fire service's fire safety enforcement team may be able to help.

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