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Ei141RC Aico Alarm - Flashing red light & intermittent beeping


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Hi team,

Thanks for your help.

I have the Ei141RC Aico smoke alarm - wired with 9V battery backup

I have 10 of them through my property - all connected on one circuit 

The green lights are constantly on for all of them meaning mains power seems stable 

I have recently replaced all batteries with 9V Duracell's and held down reset test button for 10 seconds after installing to reset 

I have two issues

1. The red light should be flashing every minute but on the downstairs one they flash every 1 second and the upstairs one they are blinking constantly / multiple times per second. It's distracting when trying to sleep.

2. The 4 alarms on our top floor will start beeping randomly. They beep every second for 10-20 seconds then stop. Then start again a few minutes later.

Would love your help diagnosing and fixing


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