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Mixed systems in flats

Jack p

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Hello, I have come across a strange install on a block of flats I have been asked to test, a panel with smokes and call points operates in the communal areas, but aico alarms are installed in the rooms (these are interlinked with the other bedrooms) but there is no link between the 2 systems. I always installed heat detectors from the panel in the bedrooms to alert others if there was a fire, but the fact the aicos are interlinked kind of solves this. I am going in circles with this and would love another opinion. Thanks in advance 

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Needs a decent Fire Risk Assessment as this set up doesn't satisfy the needs for either a stay put block of flats or a simultaneous evacuation block of flats, so the first thing needed is a determination as to which it should be.

If simultaneous evacuation the common system should have heats and sounders in the flat's internal hallways not just the common areas

If stay put there should be no common system at all unless there is an automatic smoke control system in which case there should be detection but no sounders or call points.

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