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Smoke alarm randomly going off...

Guest Jojo

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My smoke alarm keeps randomly going off... it was only installed 2 years ago so shouldn't be a low battery surely? There is no smoke & we have vacuumed & cleaned it thoroughly. We have turned off all alarms at the fuse box for now as have young kids in bed & typically going off at night. Please help


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Several points to note:

Turning any smoke alarm off is never a good idea as if there is a fire, you would never know.

However, the alarm you show is an Aico smoke alarm with integral lithium battery, so it will continue to operate for 72 hours, (so pointless switching it off) upon power restoration the battery will be recharged.

Smoke alarms should not be mounted close to an edge, such as you show. This is because moving air (convection) can bring fine particles into the smoke detection chamber, causing a false alarm. Smoke alarms should be mounted at least 30cm away from all obstructions where ever possible, if not it should be mounted equidistant.

Aico smoke alarms have a 5-year guarantee, but I suggest you change the position of this one first. 🙂

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