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We have been advised by a fire door contractor to fit a FrameFit – Fire Door Upgrades to our fire doors to help reduce the operating gaps.

These look too good to be true, so I am wondering if any of you fire door inspectors have a) come across these and b) would accept them if inspecting a door?

Previous door inspections have suggested removing the frames and packing them out to reduce the operating gaps, which is obviously a lot more work, so if the Framefit devices are acceptable, we would obviously be interested in these.

But we don't want to waste time and money if the Framefit is not compliant!

Any thoughts / advice would be appreciated.


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2 hours ago, Neil Ashdown MAFDI said:

You can download product data including the DoP and evidence of performance here https://framefit.co.uk/

Hi Neil, thank you very much for coming back.  Would you as a competent fire door inspector typically accept this method as a suitable way of reducing the operating gaps (on the basis all other parts of the door-set are adequate)?

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When inspecting fire doors, two of the key requirements are that products used for repairs and upgrades have suitable evidence of performance and that they are fitted correctly. These products have evidence of performance and need to be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. 

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