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Water Leaking to Light Fixtures - Fire Risk?

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Hi all. We have 2 ceiling leaks in our privately rented house. One from rainwater in the kitchen and one from the bathroom leaking above the dining room.

The kitchen leak has been getting worse and worse and the water staining has now reached the light fixtures (those little embedded circle lights). One now has a full ring of water staining around it and the issue gets worse every time it rains. This has been ongoing for 2.5 months.

The 2nd leak is from the upstairs bathroom above the dining room. It didn't seem so bad before this week, just some light discolouration. But on Monday the stains grew and the fuse tripped. When we reset it it the dining room lights would turn on but not off. After about half an hour they slowly faded off (with the switch off the whole time). 

How much of a fire risk do these things pose? We are in a private rental house and it is managed by an agency. We have been chasing them for help and assistance and they don't do anything. They just put us off by telling us they are contacting the landlord but then nothing gets done. They won't give us the landlords details due to data protection so there doesn't seem to be any more we can do. We're just going around in circles. I am concerned that this is an immediate fire risk. Can anyone please advise how serious this is to hopefully put my mind at rest?


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Hi, my son has the same issue with old evidence of water ingress through light fittings, now showing mould spots, still not resolved.

  I agree with AnthonyB. You are getting the runaround. The letting agents have to give you the name and address of the landlord if you request it formally.  That just means asking for it in an email btw. They have 21 days to comply. It's my understanding that it is 21 days not 21 working days.

Don't accept being told that the LA is the landlord or acts for the landlord so it's a 'care of' address or their offices.  You have a right to know where the landlord is. It doesn't have to be their home address understandably, but an actual address (their place of work for example).

Your tenancy agreement should have a service address for the landlord in England or Wales. This can be the agent. But ask anyway.

Useful read but long: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/312/contents/made



Written requests for landlord's name and address

The tenant can make a written request for the landlord's name and address from the:

  • landlord's agent

  • person who demands, or last received, the rent

This information must be provided in writing within 21 days.[5] Address means the landlord's place of residence or place of business or, in the case of a company, its registered office.

If the landlord is a company, the tenant can make a written request for the names and addresses of the company's directors and the company secretary. The request can be made to the:

  • landlord (the company)

  • landlord's agent

  • person who demands, or last received, the rent

This information must be provided in writing within 21 days of the written request.[6]

There is a penalty for a failure, without reasonable excuse, to provide the information as set out above. The landlord, agent or rent collector, as appropriate, can be prosecuted by the local authority and a fine of up to £2,500 can be imposed in the magistrates court.[7]

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