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surface mounted intumescent strips on latch and hinges?

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I am thinking to fit something like surface mounted intumescent strips or surface mounted intumescent fire & fire/smoke seals over the hinges and the latch area, because I don't understand how smoke wouldn't pass through those.

I wanted to get your expert opinion: is it a good idea? Bad idea? Useless?


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There are better ideas:

For FD30 doors the intumescent seal may be interrupted at the hinge positions (3 @ 100mm) and single lock/keep.  For FD60 one of the twin the intumescent seals can be located to by-pass hinges due to the extra thickness door leaf.

For smoke sealing use a seal that is attached to the door frame rebate stop, therefore continuous without interruption. 

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Thank you @Neil Ashdown MAFDI, do you mean something like this? https://envirograf.com/product/surface-mounted-brush-smoke-seals/

I can look into it, I understand how you would fit it at the hinges side, but how would you install it on the latch side?

I also understand that this is a better solution based on your expert advice, but if I installed something like Surface mounted intumescent fire & fire/smoke seals at the hinges and latch, would it be better than nothing? https://envirograf.com/product/surface-mounted-intumescent-fire-firesmoke-seals/


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