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3 story extension - 1930’s / alarms Vs doors

Guest Ffion21

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Guest Ffion21


UK based with a 1930’s property.

We have gone open plan downstairs, second floor has 3 bedrooms (2 existing with old doors and 1 new bedroom with a new fire door). 

loft upstairs has a fire door as also new. 

We have alarms in all rooms downstairs (hall/living room/open plan). 

we have fire alarm in the loft and a fire alarm on second floor. 

we don’t have fire alarms in the bedrooms on second floor. 

building control say we either have a fully integrated fire alarm system with an alarm in every single room or the entire house is fire doors. We can’t mix and match. 

We can’t find this in statute/regs and he can’t seek to point it out to us. Is an alarm in the hallway not enough, do the bedrooms have to have alarms too?

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